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Photo-realistic VR

RiVR Investigate brings education in fire and arson investigation to new heights, offering a revolutionary Virtual Reality training method which immerses users in a near-to-life, photorealistic environment.

Investigate is a fully interactable training method, providing users with an educational memory in experience and process.

RiVR enriches the realism of investigation training by providing a range of scenarios and environments at their fingertips, increasing and diversifying trainee exposure.

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RiVR Investigate equips the user with a host of realistic and interactable tools such as a camera, evidence markers, torch and a gas detector, all of which would be found in a true investigation.

You will have the ability to record investigations in full using Virtual Reality Monitor (VRM), allowing you to revisit and review any training or assessment.

An all-inclusive multiplayer interactive session provides further realism, with ability to communicate and pass objects between multiple users whilst in different geographical locations.

Unprecedented realism

To ensure training accuracy, RiVR Investigate scenes are based on real world fires and designed in accordance with current IAAI certified training standards. In preparation for every VR scenario a realistic setup of a domestic room or office is built, burnt and modelled.

Using advanced 3D modelling techniques our Photogrammetry team recreates the post-burn scene by capturing the environment with thousands of photos and laser-scans. This process brings the scene to life, ready for interactive learning in VR.


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Complete learning solution

RiVR Investigate offers a complete learning solution and consists of:

  • Annually updated Investigate scenarios
  • 360 videos of pre- and post incident in which an experienced investigator asses forensic evidence
  • VR sniffer dog called in on each scene
  • VR room scale tutorial
  • Instructor manuals and videos

VR Training setup

RiVR Investigate is designed to be utilized in a range of teaching environments, offering a versatile set up to accommodate your requirements. You (the instructor) can train a single student independently from a class, guiding them through the investigation process. This can be extended into a classroom environment by streaming the headset user’s view on a large screen, allowing the class and instructor to watch, discuss and evaluate. Alternatively you can take this into multiplayer mode via the internet, allowing multiple users – regardless of their location – to carry out an investigation together.

Requirements: 1 gaming laptop or PC, 1 HTC VIVE or Oculus quest with link cable.
Optional: Large TV or projector to offer other students a shared view of the lessons.

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2023 will see the launch of an exciting new generation of RiVR’s immersive training experience; Crime Scene Investigation – Sandbox Solution.

Students will have the ability to investigate a full photorealistic crime scene environment built exclusively for them by their trainer, further enabling trainers to control and carry out assessments at the required degree of training.

Tools will provide students the opportunity to explore a scene and carry out the process of a crime scene investigation in a detailed, realistic scenario.

This unique training software will use Quest 2 standalone VR. 


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Want to know how to include RiVR Investigate into your training then send us an email and we will be happy to give you a demo over video call as well as recommend the best way for you to try the demo of Investigate.

Looking forward to working with you and together enhancing the way humans learn.